robyne c.

I wrote this on the hardest day (April 28, 2020): Not all views are clear. Many are distorted and cloudy, especially the view looking INSIDE my window. It’s easy for me to see the beauty in others and the world around me looking OUT my windows but not always the case looking IN. The view… Continue reading robyne c.

ana f.

I sold the Stockton Yoga Center in June 2019, retired from Stockton Unified School District, and moved to a live/ work in Emeryville, Tree of Life Yoga.  Tree of Life was my friend’s business for 9 years.  She asked me to take over and I also wanted to be with my family in Berkeley. When… Continue reading ana f.

jessica l.

The choice for us was stay in full self-quarantine to protect my life partner and one of our roommates, or risk them getting Covid and dying. And in the grand scheme of our lives, this year (year and a half maybe) will be a tiny blip on what came before and what comes next. There… Continue reading jessica l.

jeremy b.

2020 taught me so many things! It was rough, but it pushed me into doing the things that scare me the most. I closed my salon after 25 years of being a hairstylist. Doing hair during a pandemic provided clear vision into the things that I was tolerating — people, places, things, beliefs and philosophies.… Continue reading jeremy b.

henrietta b.

Places and people around me have changed in response to events, but my “normal” life did not change significantly. The benefit of being more isolated, mostly introverted, and less involved with the drama of reactivity to events has resulted in more time to do what I love, less stress, greater peace of mind. I have… Continue reading henrietta b.

amy m.

The idea of losing half a million citizens to Covid was incomprehensible when the pandemic started a year ago. I remember when our Sanibel vacation ended abruptly, store shelves emptied, every cough brought paralyzed fear and we were left with that sinking feeling of needing to be prepared. But for what? We had no idea… Continue reading amy m.

sabine w.

The last year changed my life in meaningful ways. I had been a substitute teacher for the last ten years and lost all of my jobs when they closed the schools last March. Suddenly, I had a lot of extra time and a ton of anxiety. I started hand feeding the squirrels in my backyard… Continue reading sabine w.

sara s.

A few things … My guy and I don’t live together, and we both live with other people. So we did did not quarantine together. Then I left NYC for California for a few months to be with my brothers when my mom passed away in late April. (Not covid related.) As sad as it… Continue reading sara s.

kathy w.

So many things have changed, but the one thing I miss on a daily basis? To smile at strangers and see others’ smiles. It’s such an easy, free way to express yourself, and although I smile through my mask … It’s not the same.

kari n.

I was involved in a lot of things like choirs and theater and creating my music content on YouTube and then Covid hit and everything came to a slamming halt. No music, except singing in my house casually whenever I’m alone. The motivation I once had for making videos slowed and it’s still very hard… Continue reading kari n.