Hi! We’re Jamie Hill and Shannon Curtis. Welcome to The 2020101 Project.

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2020101 is a different kind of album project, to mark a very different year.

Beginning Tuesday, February 16, 2021, we’re writing (Shannon), recording (Shannon+Jamie), producing/mixing (Jamie) and releasing a new song every 10 days. There will be 11 songs on this album, so it will be a 101-day project from start to finish. We’ll release the last song on May 27th, at which point this album (Shannon’s ninth!) will be complete.

2020101 is based on 100+ stories that we’ve collected from people in our online community about their experience of 2020. Each of the 11 songs is written on one of the 11 common themes that surfaced as Shannon was organizing the stories.

With the release of each song, we are embarking on a ten-day journey of community storytelling, in which we collect and share stories, from people in our broader community, relating specifically to the theme surfaced in the song at hand. We are preserving those stories here, in the hope that this website will become a living memory of our community’s experience of this disruptive, extraordinary time. Like an introductory college course on the subject. 2020 101.

Click each song above to listen, reflect on the theme, read the lyrics, and explore other people’s stories and remembrances.

If you would like to contribute your own writing on any of the themes surfaced in this body of work, we would love that – please send it to Jamie at jamie@misfitstars.com.

If you’d like to support our work, you may do so via our Misfit Stars community, and thank you.

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