ana f.

I sold the Stockton Yoga Center in June 2019, retired from Stockton Unified School District, and moved to a live/ work in Emeryville, Tree of Life Yoga.  Tree of Life was my friend’s business for 9 years.  She asked me to take over and I also wanted to be with my family in Berkeley.

When the pandemic hit, for the first time I had to really stop and look inside.  Thankfully, my retirement and UI benefits made it so that I was able to stay in my space.  In September 2020 I received a full scholarship to the Sadhana Studies program at Adeline Yoga.  They support building the population of people of color in the yoga community.

I have been so blessed to be able to focus on my personal practice of Iyengar yoga and to further study philosophy, pranayama and meditation.  I had no idea that it was going to be time for me to receive.  I come to tears when I talk about it. This experience has been an unexpected  answer to my prayers.

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