jessica l.

The choice for us was stay in full self-quarantine to protect my life partner and one of our roommates, or risk them getting Covid and dying. And in the grand scheme of our lives, this year (year and a half maybe) will be a tiny blip on what came before and what comes next. There are years more of adventures, which is what we wanted to protect. I’m just thankful we all have work-from-home jobs.

I think it’s honestly been hardest getting family and friends to understand that it isn’t a choice we made out of fear. It’s a choice we made out of love. Love for each other. Love for our community and wanting to mitigate unnecessary spread if we can.

Good things:

Closer than ever to my partner and our two roommates. We know what we are all willing to do for each other to protect one another.

I reconnected with my biological mom’s family this year, which has been incredible. It’s been over 20 years since she died, but she lives on in all our memories.

Aunties and uncles and cousins all connected via Zoom.

I’ve had two birthdays in the pandemic, and they’ve taught me a lot about what it means to love and support someone through sickness and in health.

Otter videos lol

Reconnected with a friend who has become a best friend over the last year.

Cut out toxic people from my life (one being an abusive stepmom who was constantly gaslighting me and manipulating me).

And I got my first Moderna vaccine last Friday! Science is so cool!

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