sara s.

A few things …

My guy and I don’t live together, and we both live with other people. So we did did not quarantine together. Then I left NYC for California for a few months to be with my brothers when my mom passed away in late April. (Not covid related.)

As sad as it was that she passed, my brothers and I haven’t spent that many days in a row with each other since my older brother went to college (a looong time ago). Being with them (Sam and Max) was pretty great; our relationships are even stronger now.

When I returned to Brooklyn in July, my guy resisted getting tested but was being careful. I still said no sleepovers until you do that, so we basically were platonic until after I got vaccinated recently. Weird … 

I work in the public school system – at an amazing middle school – and that has been a big adjustment. I want you to know there is a school out there doing well (all things considered), and it’s been good staying in touch with parents, kids, and colleagues, while in full remote. I miss them, though. We are going back to hybrid learning 2/25. 

Penultimately, my running game is totally off. It’s hard to be disciplined these days. I’m trying to get my mojo back.

Finally, I think that in spite of the challenges, hardships, outrage, and heartbreak we’ve either experienced or witnessed this past year, the humor, resilience, community, generosity and thoughtfulness out there is amazing. Online communities like Misfit Stars, Quarantini, Bed Stuy, my school, and more have been great.

Also, my cats think I’m a cat now because I’m home more. And they expect more food!

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