jessica k.

Incredible year of heartbreakDisappointmentSadness resilience survival and perseveranceCovidPandemic hitsI work in medicineOn the front lineSon and husband at homeHusband with Cancer recurrence in March 2020StartedChemoCancelled bar mitzvahPivot to zoomitzvah – April Excellent Response to treatment PerseveranceStrong new Recurrence in winter More ChemoImmune therapyHospiceLoss of my beloved 2 weeks agoMy son and I are hereAliveHeartbroken Remembering our… Continue reading jessica k.

jody n.

I’ve had three deaths this past year, all young. Not covid-related entirely, but who knows with depression. They were all under 40 years old. Both my husband and I lost our jobs. We’re struggling with infertility but questioning whether it’s okay to have a child during these times. Luckily , my family is amazing, and… Continue reading jody n.

bree c.

The day before Mother’s Day, 2020, I was released from inpatient psych. My journey to breakdown began on March 13, the first day of what would become 364 days of unemployment. I couldn’t stand that I was suddenly unemployed, trapped at home, and I had a burning ache in my chest. That burning ache wasn’t… Continue reading bree c.