jeri j.

I am humbled and grateful every day. Last year April-Sept without a paycheck or unemployment living in a not great situation brought me to the brink. It turned out to be a good thing. I began to walk, and as I walked I would pray and meditate. I realized as I was walking how disassociated I was from my life and my body. I began to come back into my body as I walked, and I let go of so much trauma I had stored within my Earth Suit for decades and decades.

I am prouder of my inner work than anything I have ever accomplished. Also, while walking to save my sanity I also lost twenty pounds. My blood pressure has lowered. Not to mention all this walking has changed how strong and flexible my body is … I have 60-year-old buns of steel now!

This transformation was hard. My Mom died Feb 20th, and then COVID hit. My housemate is an active alcoholic and he became very verbally abusive and threatening to me during April-Sept. I felt so trapped because I had no money coming in from work or unemployment. Since then I socked away money and I got some inheritance money. I suspect I will be moving to the PNW after COVID restrictions lift more.

Also … I changed jobs this year. I took a pay cut, but my health and happiness quota matter more. I am teaching kindergarteners. It was so important for me to get back to the basics and re-find my sense of joy and awe. My kindergarteners help me do that. Not to mention, we dance like no one is watching every day! All of them children of color and me dancing!

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