apryl h.

Starting on 1/1/2020 — attracting the wrong women that loved my success in life (job,career,house, car, bank account) not my heart-soul-light. Divorce final. Sold my house. Pandemic. Held on to the California dream as long as I could. Phone call. Granny fell. Broke her hip. She needs you here. “I am on my way Mamaw… Continue reading apryl h.

rebecca m.

I know everyone is going through something during the pandemic, emotional, financial, spiritual and/or physical. For me it’s emotional and physical. There are so many things going on with me physically. Aging changes, strains and pains and a chipped front tooth I’ve had for a while. I can’t move like I used to. I’m working… Continue reading rebecca m.

terri g.

Spiritually this time has been a challenge — but also a lesson that my creator is with me however and wherever I am at. And I have learned to connect in new ways with people. But the moments that led to those lessons were lonely and dark.

robin b.

It’s been a hard year. Thank goodness for mother nature and writing songs. And the day job (never thought I’d say that lol). And some days it’s still a roller coaster — but I force myself to keep it together because I am not sure how far I might fall if I let go.