tam s.

My husband and I had started dancing in 2019 around March and were having mostly a great time learning swing dancing!! I was busy on my 50th Class Reunion Committee and in September 21st 2019 had a fabulous reunion at the California Museum! New Years Eve came and we had a blast dancing and hanging with our new friends!

Our dance classes continued and we began hearing about a dangerous virus in another country. A very close friend died in China all alone in a hospital and we were very upset! The week of February 13th we had our last dance class and headed to the Torch Club and danced a bit more! That was the last time we took a class.

We have 10 darling grandkids and I had been taking care of our youngest one on Fridays and going to our gym 4 days a week. Meeting friends for lunch once a week and gathering with our huge family often! All of these activities started to stop as the weeks went by.

Confusion about the dangers, mask wearing or not, people very sick and dying!! It was terrifying but I tried to remain calm! Our daughter especially and our other children decided they didn’t want us grocery shopping so they did for us. Life stopped as we knew it and we stayed home mostly. Sewing machines were brought out and mass mask making occurred!! We took walks masked up but not everyone took it seriously!!

The summer came and we swam at our kid’s house and went into grocery stores carefully. Time stood still and changed drastically!! Church has been on Zoom and another church joined us! I joined a choir and have rehearsals once a week. I sing alto and love it.

I started playing my keyboard and sharing music on Facebook. Masks made by Norwex became available and I wear only those having 12 now!

Vaccines are now available for those over 65!!

Life continues and has changed in some lovely ways but lots of sadness as we mourn our oldest loved one we lost 12/31/20 to Covid19. Soon we will celebrate her with pizza on 2/21.

Lives lost, new light with vaccines and our 50th wedding anniversary 4/3/21. It’s a new dawn a new day! We are blessed beyond even with the pandemic as it wanes and hopefully leaves for good! ❤️🌹❤️

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