sheila z.

I had to isolate due to age and not yet being released by my oncologist. It is so lonely. I missed hugs and kisses from my friends and their kids. It was like i became invisible.

The isolation and loneliness added to my pandemic depression. I am a very social person, and we all need human contact; hugs are important to our well being. Being 66 years old during this pandemic was frightening and anxiety-causing. Having had breast cancer, I was waiting for my final 5-year release. I thought, “Well, I may have beat cancer, but the Covid boogeyman is going to get me.”

As the year progressed i started to feel invisible – less necessary. A sadness followed me everywhere. It wouldn’t matter if i wasn’t here.

But this year, I have to learn to find hope and joy each day. A life line. ❤️

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