jodi i.

Your song prompted me to think about how my “normal” was disrupted.

Surprisingly, not as much as I thought. And — because I’m an eternal optimist — I worked damn hard to make lemonade out of a whole lotta lemons.

  • Yes, I had to cancel vacations — but I rerouted money to purchase an above ground pool for the backyard. 
  • Yup, my kid had to transition to 100% virtual and, later, hybrid learning — but he has thrived, and I’ve loved having him home and watching him grow (literally and figuratively).
  • Indeed, we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves — so lots of board games, and I rediscovered my love of art, and figured out that I’m not as bad as I thought I was — AND that it’s okay if I’m not that great, because it’s still something that brings me pleasure and allows me to meditate. I lost my ability to meditate in the “traditional” way after the 2016 election. Focus was … not a thing. It’s returning now that we have adults in the WH and I don’t fall asleep & wake up every day wondering what kind of dumpster fire has started while I slept — BUT a happy discovery was learning that I can find my meditative zen when I’m drawing a new design or painting a rock, and that’s just awesome – productivity on multiple levels!
  • Yes, we had to seriously curtail our in-person relationships — but I host a weekly “crafternoon” with friends, we zoom with other friends (and I even wrote & DM’ed a few D&D campaigns for my son and his friends), and when the weather cooperates, we meet up for physically distant hangouts with friends.
  • Yup, we didn’t have our annual Xmas/ holiday gathering — but I still baked 12+ different kinds of cookies & candies and we packed up containers for our friends and spent Xmas Eve Day driving around and delivering those little packages of goodness to all our local friends and family.
  • Yes, I lost 90% of my clients by April — but I did (finally) qualify for PUA and slowly clients trickled back, and I had enough income that I was able to replenish my nest egg (and then some), and now I’m busier than ever — AND starting that new gig in March.
  • Yes, the pandemic changed the way a lot of people do work — myself included — BUT i’ve found that more of my clients have begun to recognize the value that we freelancers bring, which is how I’ve connected with & gotten more projects, which has enabled me to grow my knowledge and become more of a knowledge leader in the tech/ IT industry, and it’s that knowledge & experience that led to the opportunity to interview for the gig I start next month.

I think that mindset has a lot to do with the level of success with which people have navigated the last year. So many mitigating internal and external factors influence that success, too, and my heart goes out to those who are less able to thrive right now, because of a lack of support, unreliable finances, mental health or other health struggles. It’s tough. 

And I haven’t lost sight for a second or forgotten to give thanks that, all things considered, the kiddo and I are doing just fine right now.
Ha. See what happens when you ask a writer for her opinion? LOL.
And now … off to edit & write … and prep for yet another flipping snow storm. 

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