robin b.

Parenting has been really difficult. I think the hardest thing has been trying to co-parent with my ex-husband. Back in Spring 2020, Jason’s Dad was taking him back and forth to Pennsylvania every week. So Jason would spend a week in PA and then a week in NYC. Jason was such a trouper. Plus, we had a three-and-a-half-month period where my partner wasn’t here in person, so that didn’t help. Jason was a freshman last year, so he only did in-person school for six months or so and then things went virtual. He actually has been doing well academically, which is great, but we are a bit worried about his transition back to in-person schooling. Socializing and making new friends has been really hard because these kids don’t know each other very well. They haven’t had much time together in class … they only see each other online.

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