kathryn m.

2020 gave me a hard look at how white liberals doing anti-racist work ran with certain ideas that my community and neighbors — who are majority black — are never going to be up for. Community / neighborhood policing is not an option in a neighborhood that has gang culture in certain areas, and they are not interested in defunding, and yes they DO know what that entails.

It was a moment where I could also read all points of view, understanding that no group is a monolith, and that there is compromise of diverse beliefs on a way forward that also has to happen.

Also I learned that I cannot do this 100% right and then get a cookie for my efforts. What is helpful to anti-racism for some is not for others. I kept trying to do those lists of “9 things white people can do right now to help BLM” and they all contradicted each other because again: not a monolith!

I have to just help and do whatever seems like the next right thing to do because inaction is worse. 

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