2020 was a year of monumental change for me. It started in January; I read the first chapter of “The Power of Now” and decided to start taking one class at a time at my local community college to get prerequisites done for nursing school. I took “Intro to Nutrition” online and loved it. Then COVID came along, and both my hubby and I had to attempt to work from home while our autistic teen son was home too. I took Microbiology over the summer (uffda! That was harder than nutrition) and the transfer coordinator suggested I apply to a four-year college NOW. So I did, because my job was rapidly going south. I got accepted into college in June, and was formally told by my boss in July that I needed to make a decision about my job (whether I was going to do the work or take care of my family). Easy decision — I gave my notice and left my job in August just before starting school full-time. Kiddo has had a rough time with school (that’s a whole other docudrama) so I’ve been able to devote time and energy to his needs. Hubby said I’m happy, and he hasn’t seen that in a long time. Oh, and I’m getting straight A’s for the first time in my life (I was a mostly B/C student through HS and my first degree).

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