I knew prior to 2020 that racism existed, but didn’t know corruption was so built into the police unions, and what repercussions that continues to have. I wonder what will happen — if reform is possible. I knew history was worse than I had a concept of here in the U.S., but now I am reading a People’s History of the United States and haven’t been able to speed through it like I usually do with books. Spoiler alert: it’s hard to read (although reading it obviously is better than being in it). It’s a different world I was taught not to see. Once you really see it, you cannot in any way, shape or form minimize the huge and malevolent destruction of racism. Small actions, learning and paying attention every day to counter and prevent where possible has been the outcome for me.

That said: I don’t say anything or speak up often, because whatever you say or do, somebody tells you it’s wrong. It’s sort of like attempting to pronounce anything in French.

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