bethany l.

My daughter got married last May! We thought we’d be able to throw a party for their first anniversary at least but here we still are, moving back into a high risk category in our county and still with family that’s not vaccinated. It was a wonderful wedding, though!

It turned out to be just the intimate, immediate-family only gathering they would never have guessed they wanted. We have so much family close by and they would NEVER have considered not inviting all the grandparents and their fabulous aunts and uncles and cousins. But when that wasn’t an option, they realized that a tiny ceremony was actually more their speed.

I played/sang a song on the harp and made hand pies for the family so no one had to get their fingers into someone else’s food. Her partner’s family hosted us on their beautiful property and provided everything we needed for a relaxing day of celebrating.

We threw them a surprise drive-thru reception in a nearby parking lot; everyone who was free came and parked and my husband tossed the two of them in the bed of his ancient truck (which, actually, he’d just given them as a wedding present, maybe more albatross than gift, given how it runs) and drove them slowly past all their adoring fans.

It would never show up on anyone’s Pinterest board but it was GORGEOUS and relaxing and I felt so connected to the generations of hand-made/home-made weddings almost everyone in the world has had in so many centuries past. It was just perfect.

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