alissa d.

Too much time together. Now I don’t want it to end. Anxiety-filled sleep. Cuddled up with my sweet girl. Beginning of the pandemic, still changing diapers. End of the pandemic, fully potty trained, sleepovers at Nana’s house. Hoping trying wanting another baby. Glad I could have wine in 2020. Impossible to think of a future… Continue reading alissa d.


Hard: 4/5 year-old’s therapies were all online. Which means I have to assist and that did not go well. Especially related to communication. She requires a paraeducator. That became me. No ability for anyone but my mom and partner to help. Her disability makes the world often inaccessible, so everything with ADA considerations shutting down… Continue reading anonymous

terry b.

Our son and his girlfriend left college early due to the pandemic. They went through the process, but graduated almost three months early! They came to live with us, which doubled our bills and our cleaning efforts. It was frustrating that they didn’t meet our expectations to help, while playing the waiting game for apartment… Continue reading terry b.

erica k.

Parenting during a pandemic is 100% total and complete exhaustion. I also have a special needs child, so this is just beyond anything. It’s hard, and laborious, but also, I’m grateful. We are able to go through the trenches together. I’ve always valued time with my children. I’ve watched their bond grow. I’ve been thankful… Continue reading erica k.

joyce r.

We have been fortunate to have our sons, daughter-in-law and granddaughter living with us. It has been a blessing getting to watch our granddaughter grow and change through her first year, witnessing all those special moments.