lizzie m.

My husband and son have supported me 150% in working and going through grad school … I am frequently absent from hanging out with them. It sometimes feels heart wrenching to me, but they root me on all the way … not to mention Silas (my husband) now does 95% of the cooking.

amy r.

Maker Nexus, a non-profit community makerspace in the San Francisco Bay Area, had to close its doors following the county’s shelter-in-place orders last spring.  Upon learning about the shortage of personal protective equipment, staff and members quickly designed a useful face shield in cooperation with local doctors. They produced shields by using the makerspace equipment, gathering donated… Continue reading amy r.

kerri b.

Second week of shutdown. No income. No idea when we’ll have income. Refrigerator stops working. One friend brought us her mini fridge and bags of ice for coolers. Another friend who was still working offered to pay for repairs or even a new one if needed. My husband watched hours of YouTube, tore it apart… Continue reading kerri b.

kate b.

My husband had a psych hold last December. It lasted a month and a half. One of the friends he had alienated, fought with and pushed away kept showing up for me. House repairs. Hauling my trash. Sitting with me to do puzzles night after night because he knew I needed a warm body around… Continue reading kate b.