beverly t.

I took a 9 week playwriting class and we workshopped our scenes with a live zoom reading by professional actors. I loved each week’s assignment. I’ve also had an overflowing of creative ideas for my garden by designing a succulent labyrinth path in my front yard, a Mediterranean “secret” garden on my shady side of the house, and a California bountiful veggie, vine, and fruit raised bed garden. My creativity fuels my physical energy, which fuels my spiritual and mental health, which feeds back into my creativity.

I have always loved writing and gardening. These two activities have been at the top of my recovery list of re-discovering myself, who am I now as a widow.

I was telling my widows support group the other night on our Zoom meeting about all my garden projects. I invited all of them to come to my house for an in person social event once CA opens, or when they feel comfortable coming to a private home. So I’ve known these gals for almost a year, and they all remarked how vibrant and happy I looked talking about my garden. I explained the garden is my healing place; you can’t plant anything without hope and excitement for the future. I’m not worries about plants dying or not thriving, as I know most will do great, the rest is only feedback or the simple fact I have zero control over anything.

I listen to Shannon’s 10th song from this album as I water; it is truly something out of nothing.

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