alfredo g.

Being from another country, I have always been fascinated by the hypocrisy in the U.S. society at large. People debate if saying Black or African-American is the correct way, and nobody notices that they don’t really care because one way or the other the racism is always there. Being politically correct in the language doesn’t correlate with social justice, it only adds a layer of distance between the real problem and the solution. Then in the last few months I have seen in horror how many of the Asian hate crimes have been committed by Black/African/Americans. I don’t get it on a personal level although I understand the social behavior, not being the victims for a change. Now, the racial issue goes well beyond the immediate violence, protests, etc., it is rooted in real and deeply ingrained hate, something that I don’t really understand why. Or I do, but I cannot comprehend, nor can I justify. As I said, I didn’t grow up here, so I see all this happening in front of my eyes and my response is mostly disbelief, sadness and absolute lack of faith that this can be solved short- or mid-term. This may not answer the question and may even raise many more, but that’s all I have.

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