kayla k.

My husband and I got engaged on January 4, 2020. I attended a bridal expo one week later and we started booking vendors and searching for the perfect venue. We had our security deposits paid and the venue secured by the end of January for our June 20th wedding. Invitations went out to 175 people in February. Then COVID hit.

Our venue worked with us at first and said they would agree to 100 people instead of the 50 our state was enforcing. We made difficult decisions to eliminate guests and had to contact them. Then our state got more strict with the rules and we were forced to go down to 50 people and move the event outdoors to the adjoining lot from the venue (next to the parking lot) 😩.

Finally, 24 days before our wedding, the venue called us and cancelled our event at their building. We asked everyone we knew for recommendations for new vendors. We ended up renting tables, chairs, linens, and a tent to have the wedding at our house. My maid of honor’s sister decorated the house and property. My dress designer called her friend’s catering company and got them to agree to provide food for the party. We had two ladies from our church serve the food. 25 guests cancelled the morning of the wedding due to COVID exposure … we ended up with a total of 40 people at our wedding, but ended up paying $50 per person for 25 people who didn’t show up to eat. We had an amazing day though! It was great to see our village rally around us that day.

We left three days later for a ten-day honeymoon in Martha’s Vineyard. We were required to wear masks at all times when inside businesses. On the streets some people wore masks and some didn’t. Our honeymoon was amazing too.

Fifteen years ago, I was told I was sterile and would never have children. However, four months after our wedding, I found out I was four weeks pregnant! My husband was permitted to come to my first two doctor’s appointments, but I’ve had to go to the rest alone. It makes me sad not be able to share the experience with him. I was diagnosed as high risk at 12 weeks along, and have had 4-6 doctor’s appointments per month, all by myself. It steals the excitement away when there’s no one to share it with.

Finally, the doctor’s offices are allowing one person to be in the room during the appointment. My husband will get to see his little girl live on the sonogram screen for the first time at my 33-week appointment. I want my mom and husband there for the delivery, but I can only have one support person. My mom’s not even allowed to wait in the hospital waiting room. She won’t see me until I come home with her baby granddaughter. Not what I ever had in mind when I dreamed of this as a child.

It was a year of blessings for my husband and me. Our baby is due 10 days before our one-year anniversary. We recently had a small baby shower. COVID destroyed my bridal shower and bachelorette party; I wasn’t letting it destroy this too. We put various precautions in place to mitigate the spread of germs. However, no one in my mom’s family could attend due to high risk issues. I find myself wondering what my little one’s worldview will be like when she’s old enough to share it verbally.

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