Ok so what I want to share is so true and so very disappointing to say the least!! Frustrating enough for me to shout out loud and 2 ‘Christian’ friends who truly believed in Trump, one for economic reasons and the other one, truly I know, because she is so not informed at all and doesn’t read or look up anything to educate herself plus her husband believes in Trump!

So I need to be anonymous for this for sure!! Omg I would completely lose my friendships and right now they are on a thin line teetering back and forth!! I am so disgusted with both of my women friends for being soooooooo stupid but yet, one is a very intelligent and caring human being who has helped me with life for over 43 years! I have confided in her all those years and she has confided in me of course. We have date night a cell phone chat-a-thon once a month!! We talk at least one and a half to 2 hours!! She has raised two brilliant daughters and been a great mom and her hubby a caring and loving father!! The disparity of their political views, although none of my business, doesn’t match the love, especially for my girlfriend in how she is such a helpful woman in all areas of her life!! Always offering to help no matter the subject area!!

Ok, now where was I?? Ok my other friend is 75ish and tall, always looks great and very sweet. We met at work in 1999 and became fast friends! When we eat lunch together once a month we have a lot of fun! I have been listening to her family drama for years and after some time I realized she actually plays a big part in causing that family drama! Anyway I have always been compassionate about her daughter and son troubles. I have had a hard time telling her that she is causing these problems herself!!

Anyway we rarely ever ever talked politics for a good reason but I opened my big old mouth and asked her who she was voting for after all the crap that had gone down I just wanted to know. She said the dreaded name and I just died inside and took a deep breath!! She whispered his name knowing how passionate I was about how hideous he is and was!!! So I passionately asked her how she could vote for this horrible man after all he has done, all the damage to the environment, non mask wearer, crazy ass things he suggested to do to keep the “Chinese” virus, as he called it, away from people. Disagreeing with Fauci and scientists. But nothing fazed her at all. His disgusting tell-all before the election about just “grabbing women by the —–” and kissing them wasn’t a deal breaker. Not one thing! But she is not informed, doesn’t read about sides or anything just what her husband’s friends have said. I think many people go along with how they were raised or what their partners feel and don’t think for themselves! As far as now as we have been vaccinated with much fanfare, pictures, shouting to the rooftops that we are fully vaccinated she still is stuck at not being sure whether to get the shot, and I get that. I was truly afraid to get this vaccine, truly afraid but afraid not to also! Our daughter, 33, was so frightened that we would get Covid19 and she wanted us to get the vaccine and terrified for herself as an essential worker for the state! Now 7 in our family, from 18 years old to us at 69 years old are vaccinated. I have to decide if I want to hang out with those who aren’t vaccinated. They are more at risk now than we are of course. My friend’s latest idea was that she might get the Johnson and Johnson, the one shot vaccine.

So I need to explain about my younger friend and her thoughts about getting vaccinated and why not. But first, my 75ish friend gets her ideas of not getting vaccinated from her women’s Bible study ladies!!!!! Omggggg

My younger friend when I asked when they were getting vaccinated said that she wasn’t sure if they were!!! I was sad about that. For one thing she is overweight and her husband has severe asthma at times and other health issues. When I mentioned that, not about her but the asthma, she didn’t seem concerned. I am though knowing many adults and a few children who got very ill!! One 44 year old woman in fine health has been intubated for 3 months. No family can see her including her 4 children! It’s devastating. I know by me asking her about the shots I put our friendship on the line and I know I feel helpless that they are considering either waiting or not at all doing this!! But she says the vaccine was made too quickly and it’s not political but I don’t believe that. It’s political for sure. My older friend will not be able to see her oldest daughter and 4 grandchildren unless she gets vaccinated. I feel sad but because she lives in another state and her daughter and family have 4 children under 16 who can’t get vaccinated, her daughter is protecting her mom by saying you need to get vaccinated.

One last person, one son isn’t trying to get vaccinated yet because he isn’t old enough yet and thinks it’s a bad idea! He has friends who got sick from the vaccine and is listening to them. Yes, young people are getting some symptoms for a few days but Covid19 would be so much worse. I told him he can of course do whatever he wants and I can’t tell him what to do. 

So those are my stories!! One more, a Trump loving couple we bonded with through dance classes are coming to dance where we will be tomorrow outside but no vaccines and no mask wearing. Tomorrow will be interesting to see if they care enough to wear masks around us older folks or not. Only time will tell if they care. I will dance with masked and vaccinated folks as I did last Sunday! I will wave at the others and greet them! Life goes on as we hopefully get through this pandemic and get back to a very new “normal” way of life. It will be different for each person as we emerge into a new and different world since February of 2020 when music, dancing, school, work and more stopped and life changed significantly for everyone!!

I feel a lot of heartbreak knowing how two of my dearest friends felt about that heartless Trump and that they are choosing not to get vaccines at this point! It changes my feelings for them, and makes me specifically see the one I have cared about and loved for 43 years in a different light!! I am still hurting over her choosing Trump and for not caring enough about others by not getting vaccinated!!

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