leslie h.

I cannot describe in words the roller coaster of emotions from having two kids yanked from preschool without notice, to being home all summer, to having to field questions about whether they’d get to go to kindergarten … to taking them out for a bike ride and hearing “There sure are a lot of people out here if everything’s supposed to be closed.” I tried to be strong for them, but felt myself sharing more truths than necessary (about all aspects of life). But my kids are cool, and they probably handled it better than I did.

They’re in-person at a Montessori with super strict protocols and only two sibling exposures for the year … so things worked out for my mom heart by August, and they continue to be good.

Mostly the changes look like: isolating classrooms from one another. No shared outside time; no sharing toys, individual pens, pencils, etc. Bring your lunch only, including silverware and napkins. Masks required unless eating. Assigned tables for eating. Temp check upon entry. Bring your own water (and you have to be able to open and close it without the help of a teacher).

We feel beyond lucky that our kids have been able to be in-person in a year where the public schools have struggled to stay open.

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