diane h.

I have a 6 year old. The preschool closed, and we were destroyed seeing her stuck at home. She had no kids to play with, nothing to do. Having no routine was rough. My husband and I are both disabled and stay at home, and our apartment is studio-sized, so it’s close quarters for us. We did our best to stay sane over the past year, making choices to leave the apartment when necessary. Although some might have disagreed with us, we decided to on and off visit my in-laws an hour away in the city to change our scenery. I of course worried about if she got sick. What would I do? I worried a lot.

I guess what made me happy was my daughter’s attitude towards the pandemic. She adapted very well to the circumstances. She listened to our advice, washed her hands, used sanitizer, and when it was time to venture out some, she was on her best behavior. She understood more than I realized and I’m extremely proud of her. It’s been a very challenging year as a parent. I think it made us closer and more bonded as well.

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