A few people in my family jumped on the Trump train, and my mom was one of them, along with her new husband, who is evidently an aspiring conservative pundit (he wrote a book … I got through a chapter before having to put it down, it’s … not well-researched 😐).

She’s basically believing anything he says and conservative-approved media sources are all she consumes. Biggest impact? They’re not getting a COVID-19 vaccine. I haven’t even met my new step-dad yet, and now I evidently won’t get to see my mother until we’re far enough away from high infection rates to where I feel they’re not at risk from a visit. Meanwhile they’re traveling. He lost two (TWO!) siblings to this pandemic, but still doesn’t want to chance a vaccine.

There’s no talking to her about it. I’ve effectively watched my mother lose her critical mind about these subjects. I was raised by this woman, just me and her, she’s been a strong Christian for most of my life — but now the words I hear from her are not Christ’s but conservative media talking points (which I recognize because I’m friends with other conservatives and I see the same exact phrases circulate on their social media).

That’s the gist. Not happy, praying for her (and my new stepdad) a lot, but keeping my distance for emotional self-preservation and (for them) actual physical preservation.

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