In April of last year my stepson died from a drug overdose. Right in the middle of the pandemic. At that time, the state of Texas had a rule about no gatherings of over ten people. No one was having funerals. My stepson’s mother, my husband’s ex-wife, was in charge. She wouldn’t listen to reason from my husband or his other son or from me about either waiting to have a memorial service, or limiting the outdoor service to ten people, which would include all immediate family. But she wanted all her sisters and their families, plus she invited friends from New York City, where Covid was exploding at that time. The other son told her he would not attend if she insisted on having a large group, and she said that was okay with her. So we missed the service at the grave site. After that service, my husband and I and his other son and his wife had our own time at the gravesite. He was cremated and his ashes buried in her family burial plot. She divided the ashes, so we will spread the ashes we got at Enchanted Rock sometime soon. My stepson would probably not approve of being buried in that family plot, but she didn’t care. So that was just horrible. Thanks for listening.

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