jamila f.

The disruption of my normal in 2020 was probably the best thing that could’ve happened. My normal was my lack of presence in my own life and relationships, of being on a constant hamster wheel, of chasing money and being in debt and doing lots of unsatisfying work. I knew my life needed a big overhaul, I just didn’t know how I was going to do it or how I was going to find the time.

Then the shutdown happened. It was a shock to the system and I found I couldn’t bring myself to do very much at first. As I slowly started to pull myself together, I realized it was time to take complete stock of how I’d been conducting my whole life and realized just how unhappy I’ve been. I thought I was happy, but I wasn’t. My life wasn’t where I wanted it to be and I didn’t have the tools to make it happen.

During this past year, I’ve slowly been incorporating lots of self care: meditation to center myself, journaling to sort my feelings, and reaching out to friends instead of isolating. It has all made a massive difference and I just needed the time and space for clarity to make its way into my life.

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