becci k.

2020 brought a lot of changes for my life. By far the biggest change was our exodus from our beloved town. Things got so far off the hook that we could not live there in comfort any longer. I had lived in WA state since 1990 and in Tacoma for the last 11 years. My husband had lived there his entire 60 years of life. We got squeezed out of housing by people moving in from other places. We couldn’t see through the rise in crimes. We were being as patient as we could with the city leaders.

And then Covid hit … things really started going sideways for us and we decided it was best to move someplace more affordable. We left behind 6 adult children (plus their spouses and ex-spouses) and 18 of our 23 grandchildren. We moved away from all we’ve known. We left behind numerous friends and family.

We took that leap of faith, and we do not regret it one bit. We love where we moved to in eastern Idaho. We play hard and enjoy life once again.

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